On the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology (acronym: JSMB)

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The Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology was founded in 1989. At that time, it started as the "Japanese Association for Mathematical Biology" (acronym: JAMB) to put a more informal or casual atmosphere into the organization than the "society". The association developed steadily and the membership increased year by year. The JAMB hosted an international conference, Kyoto Conference on Mathematical Biology in 1996, and co-organized a joint meeting with the Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) at Hilo, Hawaii, USA in 2001. These interchanges with foreign researchers and societies urged the JAMB to establish a firm foundation and it was reorganized as a "society" in 2003. The JSMB covers a wide variety of topics, including ecology, biodiversity, environmental sciences, evolution, development and morphogenesis, immunology and epidemiology, cellular and subcellular processes. It also provides an opportunity for mathematicians, physicists, information scientists and specialists in other fields to meet theoretical, experimental and field biologists, to exchange ideas, and possibly to collaborate.

The JSMB holds a general annual meeting every year. In August of 2007, we had an international joint meeting with the SMB at San Jose, California, in the United States. In 2006, we also held another international meeting in Fukuoka, Kyushu, in Japan, with the Korean Society for Mathematical Biology.

In 2014, the JSMB hosted a joint meeting with the SMB, "the Joint Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology, Osaka, 2014" (JSMB/SMB 2014 Osaka) for the first time in Japan. In August in 2015, we will hold an annual meeting jointly with the Fifth China-Japan-Korea Colloquium on Mathematical Biology in Kyoto.

The JSMB also supports many meetings and lecture courses related to theoretical biology, and mathematics applied to topics related to biology and life sciences. Members receive Newsletters in Japanese and electronic mail news. Since 1999, the JSMB has supported the Akira-Okubo prize, jointly with the SMB. In 2006 the JSMB established a new award, the Award for the Encouragement of Young Scientists (The JSMB Young Scholar Award).

The membership fee is currently 3,000 Yen for a regular member and 2,000 Yen for a student. If you are a Member of the SMB or the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB), your Joint Membership dues for the JSMB are 2,400 Yen for a regular member and 1,600 Yen for a student.

Anyone who is interested in joining the JSMB should contact the Secretary General, Shinji Nakaoka (The University of Tokyo) at:

Akira Sasaki, March 4, 2017
President of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology

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