Akira Okubo Prize

Nominations are being invited for the Akira Okubo Prize which, for 2011, will be awarded to a living junior scientist, that is, anyone under the age of 45 who is in the formative years of his/her career, for outstanding and innovative theoretical work, for establishing superb conceptual ideas, for solving tough theoretical problems, and/or for uniting theory and data to advance a biological scientist. The areas of research are mathematical biology, bio-mathematics, theoretical biology, and biological oceanography. The Akira Okubo Prize is jointly awarded by the Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology (JSMB). For the 2011 award, the SMB and JSMB would like to invite the prize winner to deliver two lectures, one at the SMB Annual Conference which will be held in Krakow, Poland between June 28-July 2, 2011 ( http://www.impan.pl/~ecmtb11/index.php?file=main.html ) and the other at the JSMB Annual Meeting which will be held at Meiji University, Surugadai Liberty Tower, Tokyo between September 13 and 15, 2011.

Rules for the prize can be found at


The Akira Okubo prize was initiated in 1999 and the previous winners in the junior scientist category include Martin Nowak and Jonathan Sherratt.

To nominate a person for the Okubo prize, the following information should be submitted to Jo-Ann Kwadzo at


1. Name, address, phone number, affiliation and email address and/or fax number of the nominator.
2. Name, address, phone number, affiliation and email address and/or fax number of the nominee.
3. A detailed statement describing why the nominee should be considered for the award.

Closing date for the nominations is February 28, 2011.

Akira Okubo 2011 prize selection committee includes:

Professor Hisashi Inaba: inaba[atmark]ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Professor Norio Yamamura: yamamura[atmark]chikyu.ac.jp
Professor Toshiyuki Namba: tnamba[atmark]b.s.osakafu-u.ac.jp
Professor Thomas Hillen: thillen[atmark]math.ualberta.ca
Professor Louis Gross: gross[atmark]tiem.utk.edu
Professor Denise Kirschner: kirschne[atmark]umich.edu

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